Episode 9: Vision

This episode is about vision--how seeing things differently, or not seeing at all, can make all the difference.

Episode 8: Business

This episode is all about business. Three stories--one about starting a business, one about doing your business, and one about minding your business.

Episode 7: Time Management

Managing time is hard. This episode is proof. We have two stories of Florida Tech students managing their time--one is about a week in the life of the Florida Tech football team and the other is about the Florida Tech College Radio station. Photo by Amanda Stratford Photography.

Episode 6: Places

Florida Tech has some beautiful places--and some ugly ones. This episode of This Florida Tech Life tries to figure out what makes the difference.

Episode 5: Solving the mystery

Florida Tech is gaining a reputation as a strong research institution. In this episode of This Florida Tech Life, we explore two different mysteries. The first is about a team of Florida Tech researchers trying to understand an everyday occurrence--lightning. The second is about the research that Florida Tech professors are doing about an alarming new trend--faking on job applications.

Episode 4: Living with Football

Florida Tech's fledgling football team has shifted some dynamics on campus. For this episode of This Florida Tech Life, we decided to look at how. We have two stories about football, but not about football. These stories are about organizations on campus that have been changed because of the football program: the Florida Tech Pep Band and the Florida Tech Bookstore.

Episode 3: Rights

We all have inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right? But sometimes those rights that seem inalienable get taken away. This episode has two stories about students sacrificing what seem like inalienable rights. The first is about students sacrificing their First Amendment rights in exchange for a slice of pizza. The second is about students giving up their right to Spring Break.

Episode 2: Searches

Much of our life is about searching for what's missing. This episode has three stories about people searching. The first is about searching for ways to make the mundane nove. The second is about students searching for a different college experience. The third is about students searching for love.

Episode 1: Thy Loyal Sons and Daughters

Florida Tech's alma mater, "Florida Tech All Hail," boasts of the potential greatness of the university's sons and daughters. This podcast is about exactly that, Florida Tech's loyal sons and daughters and all the stories that go along with that. This includes international students, late night pizza deliveries, and of course zombie warfare.

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